Who We Are

The Green Party of Delaware County, Pennsylvania is committed to fostering progressive policies locally and supporting the efforts of Greens in neighboring counties, throughout the state and the nation. We endorse the Ten Key Values as ratified at the Green Party Convention in Denver, CO, June 2000 and the notion that democracy requires full participation on the part of the citizenry.

We invite anyone who shares our concern about the corrosive effect of corporate money on society and the political process, who seeks to protect our environment from careless development and harmful technologies, who wishes to help create a more just society and who recognizes the importance of solidarity in the face of concentrated power and wealth to join with us as we instill these values at the grass roots and beyond.


Next Meeting: April's Monthly Meeting will be on Wednesday, April 1st (no kidding) at 7:30 PM in Swarthmore Borough Hall (121 Park Avenue, Swarthmore.)

Why the Green Party?

Where do you stand on the following issues?

IssueGreen PartyRepublican PartyDemocratic Party
Invasion and Occupation of IraqOpposedSupportedSupported
Patriot ActOpposedSupportedSupported
Impeachment of George W. BushSupportOpposeOppose
Invasion of AfghanistanOpposedSupportedSupported
Kosovo WarOpposedSupportedSupported
Military BudgetReduceIncreaseIncrease
Israeli Occupation of West Bank and Gaza.OpposeSupportSupport
Global Warming - Reduction of Greenhouse Gas EmissionsSupportOpposeOppose and Failed to Act.
Right to ChooseSupportOpposeSupport (?)
National Health InsuranceSupport single-payer national health insuranceOpposeOppose
Clean WaterSupportOpposeWeak Support
Death PenaltyOpposeSupportSupport
Labor: Wages and UnionsSupportOppose WorkersMinimal Support
(Global) Corporate Power Trade Agreements and Institutions (NAFTA, FTAA, CAFTA, WTO)RestrictExpandExpand
Real Campaign Finance Reform & Publicly Financed ElectionsSupportOpposeOppose
Electoral Reforms & DemocracySupportOpposeOppose
2000 Florida Election - Congressional InvestigationSupportedOpposedOpposed
Reform the Presidential Debate CommissionSupportOpposeOppose
Strict Standards on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)SupportOpposeOppose
Corporate AgricultureOpposeSupportSupport
Drug WarOpposeSupportSupport
Telecommunications Deregulation - Giveaway of public broadcast spectrum to private companies.Opposed to DeregulationSupportedSupported
Bank Deregulation and Banking ReformOpposed to bank deregulation.Supported bank deregulation.Supported bank deregulation.
Increased Accounting OversightSupportOpposeOpposed until the Enron scandal broke.